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Most Important Bitcoin Chart + Crypto News

4 Views· 02/24/23
Crypto News
Crypto News
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00:00 Introduction
00:47 The Story
00:53 Most Important Bitcoin Chart
02:29 BTC vs Others - Meaningful Diversion
03:34 Open Letter to Augustin!
05:40 Arbitrum vs Optimism - Being Optimistic will Fail!
06:27 Coinbase Builds Base a Dec L2
08:07 Toly on L2’s
09:41 Solana NFT Marketplace - 4M Unique Users
09:57 NFT Marketplace Rankings
10:30 Binance Australia Closes all Derivative Accounts
11:03 Justin Sun - Huobi
11:48 Huobi to Hong Kong
12:13 NVDA Tooting the AI Horn on Earnings Call
13:51 BUT why NVDA? NVDA vs AMD Moats
15:00 Tesla Margins - From Worst to 1st in 3 Years!
15:29 Mortgage Market Collapse - Thanks JP

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