Who are we?

We are a platform carefully created for Creators and individuals to get the best out of their works.

How can monetize and earn money on CrcTube?

CrcTube allows its users to earn points by doing different tasks by watching, liking, commenting, sharing and uploading videos. That points you can convert to and withdraw.
For the creators, you can apply for monetizing your videos when you reach 100 subscribers.

How much points can I earn?

Free users can earn 500 points (equivalent to $5 per day). Pro users can earn upto 2000 (equivalent to $20 per day) points per day.

How can i withdraw my earnings?

From the top right corner, go to settings > wallet, from available balance transfer your balance to your main wallet.
Now from your wallet go to your settings > go to balance > write the amount you want to withdraw, your PayPal address and submit.

How pro system works?

When you go pro on our platform, you will be able to earn 2000 points per day (free users earn 500 points per day), and you will be able to access our premium features.

What is channel subscription system?

Channel subscription system is a monthly subscription feature where users can create a subscription plan for your channel and earn money from your subscribers.

What is stock videos?

Stock videos are videos you can upload or purchase. This feature allows you to sell videos and for the business to purchase stock videos.

What is Import System?

With our advanced Import system you can import thousands of videos. With easy and automated method, you can import videos from most of the popular platforms, like TikTok, YouTube, Venmo and more.