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In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you a hidden Altcoin gem that I believe is set to explode and that I think has 100X potential. And the best part is, this cryptocurrency hasn’t even hit the market yet giving you the chance to get in first.

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00:00 Undervalued tiny crypto to buy now to 100X soon
00:39 What is this cryptocurrency?
01:29 Where to buy and chart
02:10 The TV show.
02:48 NFTs
03:06 Influencers on board & partnerships
03:34 Another TV show
03:46 Arcade
04:18 Universal music
05:04 Interview with Paul Caslin
05:35 My opinion about this project
06:06 Play the game for free tokens
06:26 Join the class & VIP group
06:37 Interview Teaser
07:21 Today’s price
08:26 Join the class & VIP group
08:44 Wrapping up

So what is this undervalued tiny crypto to buy now to 100X soon?


Founded by multi-award-winning Hollywood director and producer Paul Caslin, HELLO Labs is blazing a path through the crypto industry by blending crypto and entertainment to produce and distribute TV shows, games and NFTs.

Holders of the HELLO Token will be granted direct access to the company’s growing slate of offerings as more IPs are added.

Their debut TV show “Killer Whales” is scheduled for release in 2023. The show combines the best elements of hit shows ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’, offering a platform for the next wave of projects to rebuild the industry's credibility and unearth the next Web3 unicorn in the process.

Killer Whales Offical Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRGKA-ElyU4

Source: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/hello-labs/
Website: https://www.hello.one

HELLO Labs is the future of crypto and entertainment, a Web3 native ecosystem that incubates, produces, funds and distributes original programming, games and NFTs. Coining the term "Cryptotainment", we are designed to fully realize the vast potential of Web3 and appeal to both crypto and mainstream mass audiences.

Founded by Paul Caslin, the Grammy-nominated Creative Director of the MTV VMA‘s, HELLO Labs seeks to onboard the next 1 billion Web3 users by creating a seamless "Web2 meets Web3" experience; that guides even the most basic of users to take their first step of owning a digital asset, playing Web3 games, or watching exclusive shows.

The $HELLO token is at the heart of the Web3 ecosystem. $HELLO will be utilized for accessing exclusive content, playing games in the HELLO Arcade and purchasing NFTs. As the ecosystem grows, further utility will be revealed.

HELLO Labs are working with a number of partners within the Web3, Crypto and Entertainment spaces.

Source: https://www.hello.one/about-us

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